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Our dedicated team of experienced and professional migration experts are here to create successful strategies to help you obtain permanent residency or Australian citizenship. We help simplify immigration rules so that your options are clear and you can make informed decisions based on up to date information.

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We work with people who are often confused and anxious about finding right steps they need to take for their immigration problems. Some may have researched their options online but cannot find clarity on having too many conflicting information available. Others may prefer not to rely on friends or family who also don't know what to do next or not up to date with the immigration legislation. Many are also feeling hopeless as they are not sure if there are any options for them in staying lawfully onshore Australia.

At Migration Corporation of Australia, we are proud to be the most ethical and professional Australian Immigration Agents (Registered Migration Agents) in Darwin that can provide you with honest and practical advice. We are dedicated to creating successful strategies to help you reach your ultimate goal, whether it is to obtain permanent residency for you and your family, renew your temporary or permanent visa and obtain Australian citizenship. Most of all, we help create successful journeys, as evidenced with the many families, partners and individuals we have already helped and continuously help.

Full Service

Regardless of whether you are onshore and offshore, we provide full-service visa and immigration services.

26 Years of Experience

We have prepared thousands of applications for Australian visas for the past 26 years.

Ethical and Professional

We are Northern Territory’s most ethical and professional Registered Migration Agents for Australian visas.

Visa and Migration Services

We have prepared and represented thousands of successful employer-sponsorship, government-sponsorship (including Expressions of Interest or EOIs for NT Government nomination), independent-sponsorship, visa applications and appeals including partner, employer-sponsored, family, temporary, permanent residency and Australian citizenship applications.

EOIs for NT Government Nomination
Australian Citizenship Applications
Temporary / Permanent Residency Applications
Partner and Family Visa

Our Success Rate

Our local knowledge in the Northern Territory, Australia is built over living and working in the territory for the past twenty-six years. Our success rate has been established over the many years we have helped our customers with immigration. We can answer questions such as:

What visa is best to apply for?

What are the requirements for a particular type of visa?

What are my options if you do not meet the requirements of a particular visa?

Am I eligible for other types of visas?

How do I stay lawful in Australia? How do I prepare for permanent residency?

I have just received a letter from Immigration, what do I do about it?

There is a breakdown between myself and my sponsor, what are my options?

Let’s help you get started. Call us on (08) 8948 1995 for a face-to-face consultation, Skype, teleconference or write to us via email. We are proud to offer culturally sensitive and confidential consultations.

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