Rose and Kym Cox, very happy couple, residents of Woodroffe, NT has this glowing story to share:

“I thought I was quite a capable and resourceful individual but with so many other personal and work-related commitments to also manage,
I was soon way out of my depth and overwhelmed by the task ahead.

Australian immigration visa application and sponsorship documentation forms, procedures and requirements – for the uninitiated where do you begin?

Once on the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection web-site sifting through a sea of literature, legislation and immigration jargon can be both confusing and daunting.

I soon discovered that I was ill-prepared, poorly advised and becoming increasingly frustrated with the application system. I made mistakes early into my attempt to sponsor my partner to Australia and realized I couldn’t achieve my objective alone. I was confused, angry with myself and losing patience quickly in my quest to succeed, but I was also determined the immigration system was not going to beat me.

There’s no right or wrong way to apply for visas, just smarter, simpler, stress-free alternatives that make more sense than going it alone. The lack of knowledge or resources with the added pressure of filling out forms can be time consuming, often repetitive and demanding. But when in doubt, be positive – I contacted the ladies from the Migration Corporation of Australia for advice and assistance and have never looked back.

After my first appointment there was an immediate weight lifted from my shoulders and a positive sense of anticipation and certainty. This is what I needed – professional guidance, with sound advice without false hopes or promises and Margie Dizon delivered in style.

When your only priority is a desire for permanent residence for your partner or family, it is essential to be able to confide in and completely trust a competent migration agent with a successful immigration history and extensive experience, demonstrating total dedication and commitment to your cause. Someone with understanding, compassion and support who instills confidence in both the applicant and the sponsor when submitting visa applications.

For me and my partner, this experience was enlightening and refreshing from the initial warm welcome at reception, to the informative coaching session explaining clearly and outlining our roles and strategy required for a successful path forward. It all made simple sense, there were no grey areas. Any concerns or questions were quickly resolved or answered leaving us in no doubt of the thorough and professional ability of this organisation.

I can honestly say I am both impressed and grateful for the quality of advice, guidance and attention to detail afforded to me and my partner by the Migration Corporation of Australia staff and would highly recommend them to anyone contemplating similar immigration visa applications to contact the girls from Migration Corporation of Australia first.

Their clear, concise communication techniques, offer simple easy to follow steps to transition the process seamlessly removing the stress and anxiety of this experience for all clients.

As our migration representative Margie, has taken total responsibility of our case details, dealing directly with the department of Immigration on our behalf giving us complete peace of mind that all is in order and we are in good hands.

For me the Migration Corporation of Australia team excel in their field and are the leading Northern Territory immigration agents to consider.”