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Regardless of whether you are onshore and offshore, we can assist you.  

Assisting Individuals

Do you already hold a visa and you concerned with keeping your visa? Whether you have plenty of time or running out of time, we can advise you of the quickest, most practical steps to take in keeping your visa or applying for a new one. For those without a visa and unsure of your eligibility for a certain type of visa, contact us. We can advise you about the most appropriate visa(s) after a comprehensive assessment is made. We can then tailor our advice to you. Ask us for a migration plan design*. There is no need for you to be onshore Australia for us to assess your eligibility for an Australian visa. Assessments entail at least the completion of a questionnaire, submission of relevant documents and personal attendance to your case. For General Skilled Migration applicants, we can also assist you with putting your best application forward with your Expression of Interest (EOI) and obtaining sponsorship/nomination from states or territories, especially the NT Government. We can advise you via video conference, teleconference or face to face, in a personal meeting if you are already in Darwin. *Fees apply.

Assisting Students Wishing to Study in Australia

Australian level of education is recognised internationally and Australia is considered amongst the top three destinations for international education.  We offer assistance to potential students in mapping out their education at the same time aligning it with their future migration goals.  In addition to being in a position to counsel students with their best course of study, we are also registered to provide advice on how to maximise opportunities, apply for the relevant visas and obtain residency in Australia after course completion.We can advise you about the best course of study after a comprehensive assessment is made.  We can then tailor our advice to you.  Ask us for a student migration plan design*. There is no need for you to be onshore Australia for us to assess your eligibility to study in Australia or to apply for an Australian visa.  Assessments entail at least the completion of a questionnaire, submission of relevant documents and personal attendance to your case.  We can advise you via video conference, teleconference or a personal meeting.  *Fees apply. 

Assisting Skilled Workers' Family Members

Did you know that if your employer sponsor wishes to extend their sponsorship obligation, that your dependent family members can join you too? We can assist with processing secondary visa applications for your dependent family members if you already hold the primary visa.

Assisting Skilled Workers

If you are skilled and your employer has a genuine, ongoing need for your position, then we can assist you in converting your temporary residency to permanent residency. In some cases, you can apply for permanent residency without going through the temporary residency pathway. We can also assist and represent your employer in preparing and lodging a nomination for you whilst we assess, prepare and lodge your corresponding visa application. If your employer has already completed the nomination stage, we can assist you with your visa application instead. Our role is to ensure that your employer and yourself have got the processes right. We have represented and processed hundreds of successful visa applications on behalf of skilled individuals and their families. We are also privileged to have been instrumental in obtaining permanent residencies for skilled workers and their families. If you want to get it right the first time, we can assist you from start to finish. 

Assisting Employers

Migration Corporation of Australia (MCA) Pty Ltd can offer you migration solutions to assist you with your skills shortage by providing you with an individualised assessment according to your company needs.  We can assist to set you up as an approved Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) to bring in and employ temporary skilled workers under the 482 (formerly the 457) visa scheme.  As an approved SBS employer, you can nominate unlimited positions to be filled by temporary visa workers (conditions apply). Alternatively, if you have permanent vacancies for skilled position, we can assist you in assessing, preparing and lodging employer-sponsored nominations to bring workers permanently in the country under the Regional Sponsorship Migration Scheme (RSMS) for regional areas of Australia or alternatively under the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS).For employers lawfully and legally established in the Northern Territory, the Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is also a pathway for local businesses to sponsor skilled and semi-skilled workers.  This is significantly different from the ‘standard’ 482 sponsorship whereby the NT DAMA now has a pathway for permanent residency, English language and salary concessions for some occupations.We have processed hundreds of successful nominations and sponsorships for employers.  We assist employers and skilled employees from start to finish on their journeys. Alternatively, we can assist you at a consultative level.  Call us if you are unsure which pathway is best for you and your worker.

Assisting Partners and Families

If your partner and family members are still offshore, contact us on how to bring them to Australia. Our role is to bring families together and we are proud to say we are efficient at doing so. We have assisted many families re-unite and gain residency in Australia, temporarily or on a permanent basis. As your situations change, we provide you with an individualised assessment and report on your migration concerns. 

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