Work limitation of 40 hrs/fortnight suspended til further notice

This is what all international students in Australia has been waiting for. To help Australia cope with workforce shortages, the Department of Home Affairs is suspending student visa conditions of working only 40 hours per fortnight. All international student visa holders will now be allowed to work more than their usual limit of 40 hours per fortnight. This is across ALL industries and all sectors, not just in the critical sectors.

Usually, if you are an international student, you first have to wait until your course starts before you can also start working. You must also wait until you are on your semester break before you can work full time.  Usually, your dependents are also restricted to only being able to work for 20 hours a week regardless.

This relaxation of work rights means that the Department of Home Affairs will not be monitoring how many hours you or your dependent works before or during the semester. All student visa holders and their dependents can now work unlimited hours. This means that if you hold an international student visa for Australia, you can work even before you start your course and throughout the semester for unlimited hours.

Note that this temporary suspension is due to be reviewed in April 2022.

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