Celebrating with Walleska and Leonardo!

And when it rains, it definitely pours! Walleska and Leonardo ventured out to Australia to pursue the beautiful life it promised and it’s all becoming a reality for them now. Congratulations to Walleska and Leo! Walleska’s work sponsorship has been approved as a Swim Instructor and Leonardo can now pursue his work in the dental industry without limitations. Their pathway for permanent residency is clearer everyday and their Australian migration journey was designed by the honest and professional Migration Agents in Darwin, Margie Dizon and Cecilia Dela Vega.

Does it matter how a matter is presented to the department? “Definitely,” Margie clarifies, “How complete the information is and how it is presented make a huge difference with the success rate of a visa application. It is also important for us that the visa applicants can ask as many questions as they wish to and be able to provide them with accurate and up to date immigration information. Allowing the clients to become confident themselves with the process by explaining every step is important. This is why we love our work so much, we are able to keep families in Australia – confident, happy with pursuing their dreams and helping it make it a reality for them. Living in Australia is an amazing privilege. We live and breathe it everyday,” Margie exclaims. “We are excited to help and offer our immigration services whether it is for a quick assessment, a confidential consultation or getting a second opinion. We also help many families from beginning to end. You get to choose which part of your journey you need help with.”
We are blessed to experience all the joys and celebrations that visa grant, permanent residency and Australian citizenship brings families in Australia. Our migration agent success rate is second to none. Need practical immigration advice and assistance? Call us on +618 89481995.