Celebrating with the talented Hanuman Restaurant Chefs



See 1st photo: With Syed Mohammed Nainar Ali and Rey Rodriguez, Registered Agent Margie Dizon celebrates assisting the Hanuman Chefs with their permanent residency in Australia more than a decade ago.
See 2nd photo: Celebrating with the talented Hanuman Restaurant Chefs. (L-R) Head Chef Syed Mohammed Nainar Ali, Registered Migration Agent Margie Dizon, Indian Cuisine Chef Rafiqul Islam, and Thai Cuisine Chef Sombun Vichaisorn.





These Hanuman Restaurant Chefs have been living and working in the Top End of Australia for the past 15 years. They trusted Margie Dizon, of Migration Corporation of Australia, for the first temporary work visa and afterwards, they trusted her once again for to obtain their permanent residency. Fast forward to now, they continue to enjoy the relaxed and multicultural environment that Darwin, Northern Territory has got to offer. The Australian immigration paperwork was made simple and easy to follow by the trusted migration agents, Margie and Cecilia of Migration Corporation of Australia. 

“Intending migrants can be lost and confused with the rules and changes in immigration policy. Migrating to Australia can be made easier if you have someone you can trust to hold your hand from start to finish. We are so proud of the Hanuman’s chefs as they have come from India, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, and they have now made Australia as their home for themselves and their family.”, Margie enthusiastically shares.
“We have been assisting migrants from all over the world with immigration to Australia. Our local knowledge built over living and working in the NT of Australia for the past 28 years. We are so blessed to be able to help these applicants obtain temporary and permanent residency in Australia throughout of time.”
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