Steve and Eyve’s dream for Aisyah

Published on the NT News Australia Day feature:
Once upon a time, Steve and Eyve Johnstone’s dream was to share their beautiful life in Australia with daughter Aisyah. Migration Corporation of Australia duo Margie Dizon and Cecilia Dela Vega have made it come true.
Eyve and Steve Johnstone, successful business owners of UB Cool in Darwin, initially thought that Aisyah would never be able to join them in Australia. Aisyah stayed back with her grandmother in Indonesia whilst her mother Eyve made the move to Australia to live with husband Steve many years ago. Confusing information made Eyve and Steve believe that they could never get their daughter to come and live with in Australia. Everything changed when they met Margie and Cecilia.
“We already knew a lot about visas but there was a lot of stress with sponsoring our daughter. We had to get expert help and we got the best advice every step of the way. We are so relieved that Migration Corporation duo Margie and Cecilia have helped keep our family together in Australia. They took care of everything, they made it all easy and we are now one happy family in Darwin,” Steve and Eyve
shared with genuine appreciation.
This year, Aisyah is now eligible for Australian citizenship. She now enjoys the opportunity most Australians have – to pursue a career and study at a university of her own choosing. The Australian life that Eyve and Steve enjoys, they now share with their daughter. Margie confirms “we truly care about families’ future together in Australia and it is important to us that they are aware of all the options that are available to them to make that happen.”
Stressed and anxious about your visa situation? Want to keep your family in Australia? Enjoy the Australian life and be one of the many successful stories that our migration agents, Margie and Cecilia, have already helped create.
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