Stephanie Lima

Stephanie was extremely happy with our professional service and despite setbacks and an initial refusal, has now acquired all the knowledge and understanding required to make an informed decision regarding her Permanent Residency visa strategy.  Another client with high hopes for the future thanks to the dedicated work by Margie Dizon of Migration Corporation of Australia. Margie has provided ongoing support to Stephanie’s employer and confidence that Stephanie would keep what she loves doing as a Dental Technician.  Thank you to Stephanie, for choosing us, as the best Australian Immigration Agent!

She declares:

“Margie is awesome!!  Nobody else like her!!! My visa situation got very complicated and at first the government refused my 457! Margie helped me tremendously and now I have just applied for citizenship.  I couldn’t have done it all without her.  She’s so supportive and extremely knowledgeable, 100% recommend her”