Sombun Vichaisorn, Permanent Resident of Australia, Head Chef, Hanuman Restaurant Darwin

Sombun Vichaisorn was an accomplished Chef from Bangkok, Thailand for 19 years prior to taking over the Hanuman Restaurant’s kitchen in 2005.  Jimmy Shu of the Hanuman Group dynasty (Darwin, Alice Springs, Cairns and soon Adelaide) trusted Migration Corporation of Australia duo Margie Dizon and Cecilia dela Vega for Sombun’s initial visa in 2005 and again when he moved Sombun to Hanuman Alice Springs several years after.

For some time, Sombun thought he was going to keep Thailand as his home whilst he toiled and sent all treasures back to his family there.  Like many other overseas skilled workers, it may take some time to decide that Australia, after all, is the best country to call home.

It was only recently that Sombun was convinced that Darwin was his new home and applied for permanent residency.    He trusted only Darwin’s best Migration Agents Margie Dizon and Cecilia dela Vega to hold his hand throughout the process and received his permanent residency grant accordingly.   He understands that Migration Corporation of Australia is experienced in making very good submissions, especially under exceptional circumstances.

Now that Sombun is back as Head Chef in Hanuman Darwin, he has begun embracing Darwin for all that it could offer:  great city with a great outdoor life.  Sombun enjoys fishing during his free time and of course, boasts about the fish he catches and cooks.