Shirley Ann Mendoza, Value Travel

“Dear Ms. Margie,

Thank you very much for helping us to stay. My only dream is to work abroad, any country in the world. Until we came here in Darwin, as a Student visa. It was a predicament as I call, but I never imagined that miracles do happen.

Me and my husband have so many worst and not so many good things we had experienced We fought a lot, we cried so much, we’ve had sleepless nights, we sacrificed by being far from our daughter (like many have gone through too). We even thought of ending this problem. But we have been tested by faith, God has a purpose for us.

This experience has put us in a great place, despite of being rejected and criticized by so many, and I will truly be forever grateful. To all of you who have been my so called “Angels in disguise”,  I will be forever thankful, and to all the people who have become part of our roller coaster journey, Thank you also. You are all blessing to us, I hope someday, we will be a blessing to others too.

Like in the bible verse “God does not see what man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD sees the heart.”

Thank you Ms. Margie, Ms. Cecilia and Ms. Kate for helping us and other people to come to Australia and have much better life than in our/their own country.

God bless you more.”