Florendo family now calls Australia their home!

“Australia is the best country on the world,” says Rogelio Florendo and Mila Florendo who both lived in La Union, Philippines before migrating for work and are now Australian citizens today.

Rogelio worked in many countries including Saudi Arabia and Dubai but now calls Australia his home with wife Mila and their daughter Angell Rheign, who enjoys going to school in Darwin. Rogelio and Mila are both grateful for Australia’s healthcare system that helped them a great deal when Mila was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a couple of years ago. She relied on her medical insurance when she required hospitalisation without the worries a Filipino would have been burdened with had they still lived in the Philippines. “You have to sell your house, lot and everything you owned before you can go to the hospital in the Philippines but in Australia, we were very lucky we were able to access the best healthcare without worrying about it,” they declare. “Darwin is the best city in the world,” they enthusiastically share.
Rogelio admits he owes so much to his father who taught him what traits he uses today to live a respectful and peaceful life.
Australia is indeed fortunate to have such a committed family enjoy what it has to offer.
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