Rodgie Espino

All the work has once again paid off! It was delightful witnessing tears of joy today! Congratulations to Rodgie, Jean and Pia!!! They are the new permanent residents of our beautiful country Australia!!! What an amazing journey from humble beginnings as international students to winning sponsorships with their employers – all culminating to a winning and successful Australian immigration journey in Darwin, Northern Territory. We are so proud of your family, your commitment to each other and of course, your ever-lasting trust with us!!! We are happiest indeed!!!

According to Rodgie and Jean, the essential ingredients to their success of attaining permanent residency include having the motivation in everything they do; having faith and also choosing honest and professional migration agents that instilled the very confidence they needed to move forward with their visa applications and Australian immigration journey. We loved looking after your family all these years!!! Thank you for entrusting your lives with us. Thank you for all the support, Chef Neil Salonga!