Rodgie and Jean’s journey

Rodgie and Jean’s journey started like any other international student’s life was in Australia. They were studying a course that was different from what they wanted to initially pursue for themselves. Coincidentally, they both chose to do a Cookery course. Lo and behold, preparing a fish over their cooking class drew Jean closer to Rodgie more than ever! haha!!! Falling in love over filleting fish whilst their lecturer was not looking was indeed an inspiring story behind Sophia being born a few years after. I felt giddy just listening to how they fell in love. As they were dedicated to their work, their employers initiated work sponsorship for the couple that allowed them to transition from their student visas to a temporary work sponsorship. Finally, Rodgie’s commitment to his employer at the time awarded the family the permanent residency they were targetting. Fast forward to today, we are now celebrating the sweetest victory of attaining Australian citizenship for the whole family.
We are so excited to celebrate with the Lord Mayor of Darwin and the citizens today as they take their oath to become Australian citizens!!!! We are so pleased to share with you Rodgie Chloe Espino Rodgie Espino, Jean and Sophia’s journey as you officially become Australian citizens.
We are so blessed to have been part of Rodgie and Jean’s story from when they were first student visa holders to obtaining work sponsorship, changing sponsors, permanent residency applications and their last application for Australian citizenship. What an amazing and rewarding journey to be a part of. We couldn’t be more prouder today!!!! Hip hip hooray!!!!