Permanent Residency options easier for those over 45 yo in the NT


Visa applicants in the Northern Territory over the age of 45 years old, who are seeking permanent residency, now have reason to celebrate. Employers in the NT can now sponsor migrants over the age of 45 years with permanent residency pathways for up to 55 years old (previously capped below 45 years old).The Northern Territory Government proudly announced that the Minister has recently signed off on a labour agreement that allows this to happen.

Margie Dizon, Registered Migration Agent for Migration Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd explains “Employers can now confidently sponsor skilled migrants who are older than 45 years old (but younger than 55 years) for permanent residency. In the past, we have seen many talented workers having to leave Australia or not obtain permanent residency with the limitation of the sponsored work program due to their age. The new DAMA II is certainly going to open up the opportunities for local businesses to strengthen their workforce, allowing them to keep their ‘older’ but more experienced staff through the DAMA sponsorship.”

Kevin Kadirgamar, Manager of the Migration NT team spearheading the migration program in the NT, proudly announced the changes to the Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA II) available only in the Northern Territory. Previously, sponsored employees and intending migrants have been limited with their options in applying for permanent residency with the age capped at 45 years. With the most recent changes in the DAMA II in the Northern Territory, certain visa applicants can be sponsored by their employers and have pathway in obtaining permanent residency even up to the age of 55 years old. This significant change means local businesses can take advantage of keeping their sponsored staff permanently.

Some of the new occupations available for sponsorship under the DAMA II program include positions such as Apiarists, Child Care Group Leaders, Massage Therapists (Remedial), General Clerks, Linemarkers, Seafood Process Workers, Meat and Bone Slicers, Crop Farm Workers nec, Mixed Livestock Farm Workers, Motor Vehicle Parts Interpreter, Storeperson, and High Access Maintenance and Cleaning Technician among the many occupations available in the DAMA program.

“Employers must be approved sponsors under the DAMA II program for their skilled and sponsored employees to qualify,” Margie Dizon explains. “It does require dedication with paperwork and processes and it is important that employers understand what is involved but the efforts make it worthwhile when they can keep their skilled staff on a permanent basis,” Margie adds. “We assists employers and visa applicants determine the most efficient pathway to obtain permanent residency. Local knowledge definitely helps and living in the territory for at least 26 years.”

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