Pam Hunt, local business owner

Pam has lived in Australia for many years and runs a Telstra-award winning company Country Solar in Darwin.  Pam knew that the beautiful Australian lifestyle was second to none. She also wanted to assist cousin Ria Garferio experience the beautiful Australian lifestyle with her and her family.  She knew that the paperwork would be complex and that she could not afford to make mistakes. Pam needed expert advice with the most practical and cost-efficient pathway for her cousin Ria.  When she contacted Margie and Cecilia, she knew she was in good hands. Margie Dizon and Cecilia dela Vega are Registered Migration Agents of Migration Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd. They have over 16 years of accumulative experience.  Having all the steps laid out before her allowed Pam and Ria to move forward confidently with the sponsorship and visa applications. Margie and Cecilia guided them each step of the way. We now all celebrate Ria’s Australian visa grant and a new Australian chapter begins!  We are blessed to have been chosen to provide immigration advice and represent Ria for her Australian visa application.

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