Nancy Crawford

“Where do I start and I’ve only had a 40min consultation with Margie! Absolutely recommend this beautiful lady to help with any visa enquiries or application.  The law and changes behind visa applicants is confusing enough let alone always changing but having Margie there to explain it (especially using visual contents like the whiteboard is so much easier for me lol) assisted A LOT with the next process for my family.  First impression of her with her big smile and laugh was so welcoming and just gave me the biggest warmth and reassurance that I picked the right person to ask for help.  It was like we could talk for ages! Thank you so much for your assistance and guidance Margie, you’re an awesome chick!”

Establishing a good rapport with Nancy was easy when she sought out Migration Corporation of Australia and Margie Dizon to help her. She was confused and feeling increasingly flustered with the constant changes in Migration Legislation and Immigration Rules. By seeking professional advice from the best and most ethical Migration Agent in the Northern Territory regarding all manner of visa matters (employer-sponsored, student-visas, Permanent Residency) all of Nancy’s concerns were quickly allayed. She most definitely chose well by approaching Margie to speak with, to clarify and resolve her concerns with all matters pertaining to visa applications.