All Mona wants for Christmas is her Australian visa and her wish comes true!


Lovebirds Mona Friedman and John Obolevics are celebrating Christmas in style this year. What more could you ask for when you get your Australian visa granted to you ahead of time? We are so excited in celebrating the Christmas holidays.

Mona has flown all the way from the United States into Australia to spend her life with the adventurous John. We are also so pleased they trusted us with the work of bringing her over on a Prospective Marriage visa. With the marriage done and dusted, Mona is now officially
Mrs. Obolevics. The pandemic kept them apart but the Australian visa we successfully obtained for Mona then and now keep them together!!! We also look forward to John and Mona’s fun and exciting adventures in Australia and overseas.

We are so in love indeed!!! 💕💕💕💕

ps. We are so engrossed with Mona’s unique style when it comes to her jewelries.  You can see that Mona is a fashionista through and through.  Each time she comes to our office to sign papers or submit documents, she models different styles and fashion. Hailing from the US, Mona has apparently brought only a smidgeon of her treasures from the US to Australia. We look forward to seeing more of her extensive collection.

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