Matteo Cadoni

“Well a little speechless, how about the best in the business!! Never left Margie’s office upset, always left with so much trust and beliefs! Even when everything seems to be dark You guys always find the light.  thank you, thank you!”

“Best in the business!!”  Matteo certainly doesn’t mince his words when describing Migration Corporation of Australia and the work they put in to help him achieve his dream. After exhausting all options Matteo consulted with MCA and Margie Dizon. Only then was the desired outcome reached. After a long and at times arduous visa journey beset with problems and even coming down to a ‘nothing left to lose attitude but everything to gain’ for the client, Margie Dizon was able to achieve closure with the desired result – Permanent Residency. The long drawn out process initially began as an employer-sponsorship visa then morphed into a partner-visa. Despite all problems encountered during the process a happy outcome for all involved. Thank you, Matteo, for giving us FIVE STARS!