Maria Christina Ting-Flor

“The BEST people that you can trust to handle your visas either 457 visa, partner visa or family sponsored visas!!!! Very professional and efficient in going through step by step together with you till you obtain your visa.

Migration Corporation of Australia can make your life changing to a good future ahead.

I know because I and my family were one of the many very lucky people whom they handled and were able to be granted a chance to live the Australian way of life.”

Migration Corporation of Australia team Margie Dizon and Cecilia Dela Vega took a personal interest in making Maria’s dream come true. Working away from her family and loved ones for a mere pittance in very trying circumstances, almost akin to slave labour, Margie recognised her inherent skills, versatility and attributes and proceeded to take on her case. Now happily residing in Australia thanks to expert guidance from Margie, Maria and her immediate family are on the pathway to permanent residents, much to the benefit of Australia and its denizens. Maria more than appreciated the life-changing work that Margie did to bring her family to live and work in Australia. Thanks to Margie and Cecilia, Maria is now gainfully employed and earning a wage that truly reflects her qualities and skill level. Her son Gregory has also managed to maximise his opportunity of applying at the same time as her.  Their lives are permanently changed for the better.