Luise Nagel

“Where to begin? Migration Corporation of Australia not just assisted me but supported me in gaining my permanent residence.  Margie Dizon, one of the two amazing Migration practitioners of this company was open-minded and open-hearted to hear my story and to explain and show me every available and possible option for my case.

With bold honesty, trust and an exceptional professionalism, Margie helped me through a tough time and helped me to stay in the place I call home [Australia].

Migration Corporation firstly pointed out all available sources and options. They’ve been very straight forward, honest and real about my situation.  Margie’s ability to emphasise and support me, without losing any of her professionalism and migration skills, including to be guided in every needed direction, allowed me to achieve the granting of my [permanent resident] visa.  I can’t think of a better team to assist anybody who needs help with any migration difficulties than Migration Corporation of Australia. I am very grateful for their help.”