Lilia falls in love with Asa and Australia

Lilia hails from Germany and came to Australia not knowing she would never want to leave. Lilia met Asa, one just as fortunate to have met the other, both now live healthy and happy lives. Not only was she able to find happiness but a new passion for helping others, by being a fantastic and hard working gym instructor. This certainly made it easier for her to live in Australia but also for Australia to welcome such a caring and strong individual. Whilst the Department of Immigration granted her the visa to live in Australia, Migration Corporation of Australia Registered Migration Agents Margie Dizon and Cecilia Dela Vega handled and helped prepare her documents to make sure it was a complete application ready for a grant.  The two are now so fortunate to be able start this new chapter of their lives together and nonetheless, in Australia.



Who knows what awaits you in Australia.

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