Katrina Trinidad

Katrina Trinidad lost and found hope. Her first nomination for sponsored work with a previous Migration Agent was refused and Katrina could not apply for her employer sponsored visa three years ago.  She found renewed hope with Migration Corporation of Australia Registered Migration Agents, Margie Dizon and Cecilia Dela Vega in Darwin.  After being introduced by her employer to Margie and Cecilia, a new nomination and her visa application was prepared and lodged on her behalf.  Three days later, Katrina’s nomination was approved and five weeks later, her employer-sponsored work visa was approved also!

“It really pays to ensure that the person advising and representing you on your Australian visa application has the experience and is up to date with changing trends. We are here to make your Australian dreams come true!” Margie confirms.

Katrina’s feedback was as follows:

“10 STARS for Margie and Cecilia!! My case was a little sensitive as my first nomination was refused with a different migration agent.

My Australian employer insisted that I reapply and transfer me to another migration agent…Cecilia and Margie!! They are heaven sent!!

When it comes to providing them with my requirements/qualifications for the visa process, they are very strict and “sigurista”!! No wonder, I got my visa only 5 weeks after lodgement!! It was a surprise.  I wasn’t expecting my visa to come this early because i’ve known people who waited for their visa for more than 5 months.

Margie and Cecilia can turn even the most impossible case to possible!!

Thanks a lot MCA team for helping me to achieve my Australian dreams and making me and my family very very very happy!!!!”

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