Irene Lelekis of Northern Star Concreting

Mrs. Irene Lelekis of Northern Star Concreting has been a loyal and committed employer-sponsor since 2010.  She understands that the process of applying for Australian sponsorship, nomination and visa applications can be quite complex and daunting.  This is why over the years, she has only trusted Margie Dizon and Cecilia dela Vega with her immigration matters and visa applications for all her staff members. We celebrate with the latest grant of one of many employer-sponsored visa for her Carpenter.  She is truly delighted and she has this to say:

“You did it again!  From the beginning to the end, a very big THANK YOU, all the way [approvals], non-stop, six of them [workers].  We always trust you – myself, Marinos, Skevos and the boys.  You’ve always been there for us and you always deliver the best – always, always…a very BIG thank you!”