Inspiring journey of Fon and Jin

Fon and Jin’s journey is truly inspiring. When I met Fon a few years ago, she was a student in Australia who fell in love. When she realised she made a mistake, she knew she just had to get her way out of that relationship. It was very hard, with the pressure of avoiding abusive calls and texts from her ex who couldn’t accept the fact that she wasn’t going to tolerate bad behaviour. It wasn’t until some considerable time after that she met Lip and he couldn’t have come at a better time. It was a very stressful road, with all the paperwork required and having to retell the traumatic experience to lawyers, the police, and counsellors. When the tribunal decided her evidence of suffering violence wasn’t enough for the decision-maker, we knew they made a mistake and so we appealed the decision at the Federal Circuit Court. Jin was there pushing and encouraging her in all the right ways.
Listening to the judge retell the story in detail, somehow traumatising, we all felt squirmish as we listened to it. Thankfully, his vindication moved to a different tone when he agreed with us; that the mistake we found, according to the law, was indeed an error. It was so elating. Finally, someone important and high enough in the system agreed that we were right, and that someone we knew who did wrong, was proven to be wrong. Jurisdictional error. What powerful words when the pathway of your future depends on it. When something you believe in to be true is indeed true and what you know is wrong, is still wrong.
We are always humbled with the love we witness in front of us. When everyone else would have gone home, sulked or just given up, Jin and Fon didn’t. Jin made sure Fin didn’t. This photo of them at our office says a thousand words of appreciation. Everything we fought for and still do have been worthwhile. It is a great win. I know there will be more beautiful moments like this to witness with Jin and Fon. After all, if they managed to stand against a giant and win, everything else will now be easy. We are privileged to be holding their hand from then to now. We cannot wait for the many exciting things their lives are yet to bring! How is it possible to find a person who can love you like that? Where does one get the strength to fight against a tribunal’s decision?
We were there at the start and we are still here at the finish line. You choose the person to love and we will fight with you to keep them here. We are blessed to experience all the joys and celebrations that permanent residency brings families in Australia. Our migration agent success rate is second to none. Need practical immigration advice and assistance? Call us on +618 89481995.