Momentous event for Gilbert Panitan!

We celebrate a momentous event with Gilbert Panitan as an Australian citizen, witnessing him take his oath to be an Aussie!!! He is a valiant of hope for the many Filipinos and overseas workers alike. He started his journey more than ten years ago as a sponsored worker and fast forward to now, he runs his own company, BlitzFix ICT Services in the Northern Territory. “Gilbert was clearly one of the top applicants for the IT job and we assisted the employer who sponsored him choose the best applicants and potential migrant to Australia,” Margie Dizon, Registered Migration Agent for Migration Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd clearly remembers.

“There are many pathways to come and live, work and study in Australia. The employer-sponsored pathway is a clear way to work and reside in Australia and it requires not just an employer but a sponsor at the same time. We are very pleased to have reconnected with Gilbert who we assisted to migrate for work purposes more than ten years ago. Standing next to him and witnessing him take his Australian citizenship oath makes us humble and proud at the same time. After all, here stands before us a Filipino (now also Australian) worker who has shown commitment and evidence as to why so many employer seek to employ Filipino workers. They are dedicated, skillful and respectful. They are truly someone you can be proud of to say you were part of their journey. Gilbert walking up to me and celebrating the moment was just wonderful. It is a fulfilling job being able to assist people the way whether it is through employer-sponsorship, skilled migration, government sponsorship, family or partner, we will help you the best way we can,” Margie affirms.
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