Gagandeep Kaur, Cook, Cazalys Palmerston and husband Satvir Singh

“We are so happy today. For three years I have been studying and today, I’m so happy.  When I found out, I was so surprised, it was only 14 days when you have lodged my application.  I did not expect it….it was approved so fast.  I studied all day and then night time, go for work; we did very hard work…[visa approved]…I’m very happy today, I don’t have to study anymore, I can work full time and both me and my husband can save money.  Your service is  very good, fantastic, it’s very good!!!  And when we came to see you before we applied for the visa and now, everything is the same way, everything alright.  It is very good.  Thank you, Margie and Cecilia and the whole Migration Corporation team”