Celebrating with Diana, Peter and Loedel!

When we first met Peter Skehan, all he wanted was for his Filipina girlfriend Diana to come over and join him in Australia. It was important to him that Diana would like his lifestyle in the bush before settling down together. He also wanted to provide a positive and bright future to Diana’s four children, all living and studying in the Philippines.

Today brought many tears of joy to Diana Lopez Skehan, her son Loedel and her husband Peter’s eyes as we celebrated Diana obtaining per permanent residency at the same time as her first born son, Loedel. Her other kids are following and Peter’s dream is all coming true. Migration Agents, Margie Dizon and Cecilia Dela Vega, were the trusted agents that helped Peter and Diana stay together in Australia right from the start. Now Loedel can not wait to get his first full-time job and a driver’s license and be able to give back to mom, Diana and step father Peter.
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