Celebrating the greatest investment of Despoina Kypraiou and Ioannis Chloros!


Accurate, up-to-date and practical advice is what most, if not all, people need to make informed decisions. It is doubly expensive to get it wrong so it is even more important when investing in yourself and getting it right the first time. People forget that seeking good advice means they are investing in THEMSELVES and everyone deserves the best to make sound, clear and practical decisions they are confident with. We celebrate with Despoina Kypraiou and Ioannis Chloros for wanting to get it right the first time. We thank them for their ongoing trust in us delivering a very life-changing outcome for both employer and overseas skilled worker. Ms. Despoina has the following words to share:
“On behalf of Alpha Joinery Pty Ltd and myself personally, I would like to thank Margie Dizon & Cecilia Dela Vega for their professionalism and expertise in the Migration sector, together with the great assistance from Mr Gregory Flor as an Administration Officer! They are professionals who carry excellent knowledge of Immigration laws and keeping up with new migrating legislations. In a chaotic and stressful position that a Visa candidate can be, they make it easy for you to join the Teamwork that is required and get through to the visa process. From the first essential meeting with Mrs Cecilia, who was very well prepared to introduce us in the procedure that would follow, until the final meeting with Mrs Margie, where we received the good news, we experienced nothing but people who were always polite, kind and patient to help and explain in order to achieve the desired outcome. 5 stars are not enough to rate the Migration Corporation of Australia agency in Darwin! It is our grate privilege to have dealt with Migration Corporation of Australia and we highly recommend them! Kind Regards, Despina Kypreos Alpha joinery Pty Ltd”.
We are blessed to experience all the joys and celebrations that visa grant, permanent residency and Australian citizenship brings families in Australia. Our migration agent success rate is second to none. Invest in yourself and only surround yourself with the best, for practical, honest and up to date advice. Call us on +618 89481995.