Choc Frappé Stuart

“I first met my wife in Humpty Doo at a friends BBQ when she was over from Thailand visiting family. Not long after that we were developing a strong attraction to one another… We shared many of the same interests including travel and fishing… We also shared the same dream to one day have childeren, and so we formed a relationship with one another. Yet there lay one problem… Australian Immigration!!

Growing up, living and working in Darwin for the last 20 years I have learnt one thing indefinately…. Word of mouth RUNS this town!! And having a few friends and aquaintances that had been in the same or simular circumstances with thier partners and the great hurdle that is Australian Immigration, one name was mentioned to me by all… Margie Dizon, and her team at Migration Corporation of Australia…

It was quiet the journey from the first meeting we had with Margie (about 2 years ago who we visited fairly early in our relationship) to the last time I saw Margie and she had given me the news I had been waiting for for quiet some time!! That my wife and son were accepted on 12 month multi entry Visas into Australia!!! My heart was instantly filled with happiness and joy on that news and we are currently all living together happily as a little family in my house in Hunpty Doo

I knew from the start that MCA was the real deal and that they were out to give me thier best and keep my family together, and I wouldnt recommend any other immigration agency other than the team at MCA… Again, thank you so much for making our dream a reality!!”