Amazing Australian journey: Cheska was just a baby, now she’s 18

Her party was not just about balloons and cake

In the heart of every milestone celebration lies a story, and for us, this fairytale is woven with threads of gratitude, perseverance, and triumph. Recently, I had the privilege of attending an 18th birthday party that transcended the ordinary definition of festivities. It wasn’t just about balloons, cake, and laughter; it was a profound celebration of the lives we have been privileged to touch over nearly two decades.

The Genesis – a journey that began 19 Years ago

The protagonist of this remarkable tale is not the birthday celebrant herself but the patriarch of the family, Nelson. It was almost two decades ago when we met Nelson online, seeking assistance in navigating the complexities of Australian immigration. His journey was more than a quest for a new beginning; it was a pursuit of dreams, stability, and a better life for his own family, his brother’s and his nephew’s.

Gaining momentum

Nelson’s work visa and the family reunion: Our first encounter with Nelson marked the initiation of a partnership that extended beyond professional boundaries. We played a pivotal role in securing Nelson’s first work visa in Australia, laying the foundation for a brighter future. However, our journey together was far from over. The subsequent years saw the reunification of Nelson with his loved ones. Evelyn, his wife, followed suit, and together, we worked towards securing a stable future for their family and securing permanent residency for Nelson and his then two babies, Bianca and Cheska. Each successful step in this journey became a testament to the power of perseverance and the impact of our shared commitment. Both Bianca and Cheska have both grown up to be beautiful and responsible Australian citizens. Cheska, having just turned 18, has recently won a position to work as a flight attendant, after religiously working for the family business.  Nelson’s journey took him working as a supervisor, then to a manager and finally owning up to six cafeterias around Darwin.  His triumph has certainly influenced his other family’s journey.

Delfin Ramos, Migration Agent and Psychologist Margie Dizon and Jayson Acuṉa

Nelson’s younger brother, Jayson, and his family. Their journey mirrored that of Nelson’s – from a temporary work visa to attaining the coveted permanent residency in Aus

Ramphel Acuna with Migration Agent and Psychologist Margie Dizon

tralia for Jayson’s wife, Aileen, and their children. It became evident that our commitment to changing lives extended beyond individuals to encompass entire families, leaving an indelible mark on their collective destinies.

The Grand Culmination – Triumph at the Tribunal and Changing Lineages

Another poignant moment of the celebration was remembering our recent victory with the tribunal with Nelson’s nephew Ramphel. The culmination of many brave nights, relentless belief, and unwavering fights for justice resulted in a triumph that resonated through the entire family. Witnessing the culmination of their journey was a testament to the power of perseverance and the immense responsibility that comes with handling not just sensitive but life-changing decisions.

Successful business owner and entrepreneur Ana Santos and her trusted Migration Agent and Psychologist Margie Dizon
Delfin Ramos, Margie Dizon and Brian Santos

Beyond Nelson’s family’s success, the narrative expanded to include guest Delfin Ramos, Ana and Brian Santos. They, too have entrusted us with their commitment by appointing us many years ago with their first work temporary visa in Australia and obtaining their permanent residency as well. I was a guest at a hotel in Makati and Brian was working as a breakfast chef.  Impressed with how exact he managed to cook my eggs to perfection, I gave him my business card and asked him to email me if he wanted sponsored work in Australia for himself and his wife. That was fourteen years ago in 2009. Delfin journey started with us even earlier than 2004. The gratitude expressed by the celebrants, Delfin, Ana and Brian Santos, encapsulated the essence of our work. Ana’s repeated hugs was heartfelt and her words echoed in the room, “For one person’s life you have changed, Ms. Margie, you have changed the lineage of that person’s family and the generations that follow, thank you. I want to remind you, I just want you to know.”

A privilege and a blessing

Ana Santos, Margie Dizon and Nelson Acuna

Being entrusted over the years to handle not just sensitive but very life-changing decisions has been a profound privilege and blessing. The journeys that Nelson and Evelyn, Jayson and Aileen, Delfin and Joy, Ana and Brian, Ramphel and their children, and the countless others in between, highlights the depth of trust placed in our hands. Each success story is a testament to our commitment to the pursuit of justice, dreams, and the betterment of lives.

A Reminder of Something Bigger Than Us

The icing on the cake was the poignant reminder that our work is not just a professional obligation; it is a calling. Ana’s words resonated, emphasizing that the efficient work we strive for is not merely a job but something far more significant than us. Nelson was introducing me as “she is why my family’s in Australia….” I didn’t know what to say.

Cheska’s 18th birthday celebration transcended the boundaries of a traditional party. It was a testament to the power of collective efforts, unwavering belief, and the immeasurable impact we have on the lives we touch. As migration agents, we carry the responsibility of shaping destinies, changing lineages, and contributing to something far more profound than the legal documents we handle – the shaping of a better future for individuals, their families, and the generations to come.  We are blessed and remain very grateful indeed.