Exciting journey of Chef Reinhold and family

Our work brings the most exciting outcomes for families: Permanent Residency in Australia!!! Congratulations Chef Reinhold, his wife Ryann and children Red Xyrus and Ron Sean for obtaining their permanent residency.

We first met Rein when he had to leave his employment in Broome to pursue a brighter future. Thankfully, through his friends, he was recommended to go to Margie Dizon and Cecilia Dela Vega of Migration Corporation of Australia for local, expert immigration advice. Since then, he was able to do a nomination transfer successfully and now the fruits of his labour has blessed his family with permanent residency in Australia.
Reinhold is very appreciative of the support he has behind his work sponsorship at Darwin Free Spirit Resorts. His journey would have been impossible without the help and push from Chef extraordinaire Neil Salonga.
 We are blessed to experience all the joys and celebrations that visa grant, permanent residency and Australian citizenship brings families in Australia. Our migration agent success rate is second to none. Need practical immigration advice and assistance? Call us on +618 89481995.