Celebrations all around for our Italian Chef extraordinaire Matteo Cadoni!

Celebrations all around for our Italian Chef extraordinaire Matteo Cadoni!!! For quite some time, Matteo has always loved our posts of visa grants, hoping that one day, it will be his story that we will tell. Today is the day. Matteo’s journey was not the easiest and could certainly have been the most trying and arduous. He had to beat change of circumstances, sponsors and employer, the legislation changing, his 457 visa expiring and having to fly all the way to the Philippines to sit the IELTS. Lo and behold, after turning up at the test centre with casual clothes on, he was turned away! Quick thinking on his feet and a helpful staff at the office, he ‘leased’ appropriate clothes to make it on time to beat the deadline and pass with flying colours!!! Baking croissants which is not an Italian cuisine was a stickler (which he still passed) for his skills assessment.

Fast forward to now, we are reeling with celebrations of joy to the culmination of Matteo’s Australian visa journey. We are very thankful indeed. He chose us from the start of his journey right to the very end. Join us with congratulating him – by getting him to cook you the best breakfast with a smile at Cafe Bellissimo located at the Homemaker’s Village and soon, back at Coolalinga (watch this space). Thank you, Matteo, for choosing Migration Corporation of Australia to hold your hand in your victorious journey!!! Australian permanent residency (RSMS) granted with no questions asked!!! Aren’t we amazing it or are we not amazing?!! Hahaha.

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