Celebrating with Preet, Bhupinder and Navreet!

Gurpinder (Preet), her husband Bhupinder and their son Navreet all have the important ingredient that successful people possess…the courage to do and go where others won’t. Preet’s family had an amazing finish to a tumultuous journey with navigating the Australian immigration system.
Both husband and wife initially came over on student visas and once qualified, Preet was sponsored by an employer. Unfortunately, that did not push through successfully which left Preet with no choice but to look for opportunities elsewhere. Both husband and wife braved it and drove across Australia and found themselves in the Territory. Preet, who initiated a face to face application with the Childcare Centre Manager Owner was offered a job on the spot. Moreover, legislation was about to change so it was a timely event that the Childcare Centre Owner referred Preet and Bhupinder to Migration Corporation of Australia. A section 48 bar meant that an offshore application must be lodged prior to legislation scheduled to change. Youngster Navreet flew on his own from Brisbane to meet his parents in Adelaide; whereas Preet and Bhupinder drove 300 km from Katherine to catch a flight to meet their son so that all could exit Australia in time for an offshore application. With Preet’s passport being less than six months valid, the airline refused to board them for their Bali trip so they had re-route their flights to India were she would be allowed to go to renew her passport. This had to be done immediately for the timing of immigration rules changing and disadvantaging the whole family.
Careful and meticulous planning with Registered Migration Agent, Margie Dizon, ensured all options were discussed and set out. Cyclone Marcus caused a power outage across Darwin which meant the decision-ready application was challenged by nature and perseverance won in the end.
Congratulations to Preet, Bhupinder and Navreet!!!Your journey was fraught with challenges and yet we emerge as winners with you! The family followed every recommendation made by Margie Dizon and Cecilia Dela Vega of Migration Corporation and can now sleep soundly knowing they can apply for Australian citizenship next year.
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