Celebrating with Jenny Pham

We are building a talented and skilled Australia! Celebrating our new Australian citizen Jenny Pham.

Jenny’s story is a testament to what can be achieved when you work hard and seek the right advice. ‘Jenny is a bastion of hope to the community,’ Margie says. ‘She signifies a young professional who is ethical and motivated in her work, which rewarded her with her employer supporting her goal of obtaining permanent residency in Australia.’

During her first years in Darwin, Jenny Pham was so stressed about her visa application process she struggled to study or even sleep at night. The turning point came when she acknowledged her residency was far too complex for her to do on her own and sought the advice of MCA’s migration agents Margie Dizon and Cecilia Dela Vega. ‘Margie and Cecilia are really knowledgeable about migration law,’ Jenny says. Armed with updated knowledge of the migration legislation, Jenny confidently approached her employer who willingly sponsored her as a graduate accountant. ‘Knowing someone was looking after my paperwork really helped me,’ says Jenny. ‘I always recommend MCA; you get the personal touch and they are flexible with time. I couldn’t meet during work hours and they were always accommodating around that. Margie’s expertise as a psychologist also really helped me. I was really stressed but she was able to calm me down. The way she talks to you and understands you is so much better than other migration agents and lawyers.’
Jenny’s world view changed forever when she made the most important and informed decision of her life with regards to her options for permanent residency, all made possible by consulting and appointing Migration Corporation of Australia. Jenny has since helped create a forum to help new migrants settle in Australia, encouraging everyone to get accurate and up-to-date immigration advice instead of relying on what ‘everyone’ says. Without the advice from MCA, Jenny probably would have missed the opportunity to live and work in Australia forever. Now, as an Australian citizen, Jenny’s parents and younger brother are migrating permanently too, because of the informed decision she was able to make, thanks to Margie and Cecilia.
Stressed and anxious about a visa? Don’t be! Get expert advice from the best in the business. Contact our migration agents, Margie and Cecilia, at 08 8948 1995.