Celebrating Australian permanent residency with the Braganza family

We huddled inside the meeting room waiting for the Braganza family to turn up. The agenda was that the bosses, Vicki-leigh and her husband Greg, proprietors for Mcdonald’s, called in a RM meeting so all Restaurant Managers would be present that day. In attendance were all the restaurant managers. We were all there, not for the meeting, but to surprise the family with their permanent residency visa grant. Parking was frantic at the cake shop as we had to balance proximity of parking with time consumed of getting a celebratory cake and getting to the venue before the family turned up. Fortunately, Mary Joy Braganza decided to stay in the car and rest from their three-hour-long drive from Katherine. They left early that morning at 5:30 am to attend the meeting, all refreshed, at 12:30 noon.  We managed to just slip upstairs the office before the Braganza family alighted from their car.  Mary Joy couldn’t stay in the car as Vicki insisted she attend the meeting too.  Confused and dazed, she just followed Edward up the stairs with Achilles Axle and Alexis Phoebe in tow.  Finally, the door opens.  Both Vicki and Greg welcome Edward, Mary Joy, Alexis Phoebe and young Achilles Axle into the room.  Everyone started shouting congratulations and the family started crying as they realised how many people were present to congratulate them on their permanent residency grant.

It was awe-inspiring. The Braganza family’s journey started with the first DAMA program in the NT.  During those days, there was no pathway for permanent residency. Edward and Mary Joy didn’t care. It was more important for their family to live and work in Australia, albeit on a temporary work sponsorship.  The changes in Australian immigration laws benefitted their family as the DAMA II program soon evolved to create a pathway for permanent residency.   Vicki and Greg had to seek expert advice from Migration Corporation of Australia duo Margie Dizon and Cecilia Dela Vega. The Braganza family was also convinced.  The outcomes they obtained in such little time of investing and receiving advice from Migration Corporation of Australia Registered Migration Agents was unbelievable.

Mary Joy exclaims, “It was easy because I was able to update and ask questions from both Margie and Cecilia. It wasn’t as easy dealing with other representatives who you could not talk to.” The family knew exactly, step by step, the processes of applying for their permanent residency, as well as the steps their employers had to take to nominate them.  Registered Migration Agent and Psychologist for Migration Corporation of Australia Margie Dizon explains, “when the processes are transparent, to both employers and workers, then any delays experienced with the department with visa processing becomes procedural. We can take away the worries and the anxiety, with the family all knowing they are being looked after and that information they need is available that is accurate and up to date.”

Edward was very grateful, “Thank you, thank you, thank you” was all he could repeat, with his eyes glistening with happiness.  Alexis Phoebe was completely speechless.  She just had tears of joy.  She knew how concerned her parents were due to their temporary visa status but she claims they never showed their concern.  She is so happy for her family and with her future secured in Australia. After all, where else can a 17-year old gain work experience alongside her mother and her father? We teased her that she would be replacing her father as the Restaurant Manager for McDonald’s in future.  Her mother, Mary Joy suggested she could come work for Migration Corporation one day.  We all laughed, whilst knowing this young girl has the world at her feet and that she can be whoever she wishes to be. We cannot wait what she decides to study but we will remain here, celebrating with her and her family.

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