Australia welcomes parents as immediate family members for Australian PR and NZ citizens

Calling all parents of Australians and New Zealand citizens usually resident of Australia

It is what every Aussie or Kiwi citizen residing in Australia has been waiting for. If you are an Australian permanent resident/citizen or New Zealand citizen usually residing in Australia, you can now invite your parents to come over and visit. As at the 1st November 2021, Australia will also welcome parents and consider them as “immediate family members”.

Many families have struggled with their older parents unable to enter Australia during the pandemic. Their worries can now come to an end. If your parents already have a visa, they must apply for a travel exemption to enter Australia. You must provide evidence of:

  • your Australian citizenship or permanent residency grant
  • if you are a New Zealand citizen, your New Zealand citizenship grant
  • evidence of your relationship

You must submit your request for a travel exemption at least two weeks before you plan their travel into Australia. If they are not intending to travel for at least two months, do not apply yet.

Before they enter Australia, make sure they have a valid visa and their travel exemption.

Don’t have time to do the paperwork? Want to do it right? Call us and we can do it for you.