Antonios Kalidonis

You are the best,” confirms Theo Kalidonis, Kalidonis Pty Ltd Director and Builder; President of the Greek Community (Kalymnos) Club.

Theo Kalidonis is the owner of Darwin’s largest privately owned formwork and concreting companies in Darwin and had not seen his older brother Antonios for over 20 years until MCA duo Margie Dizon and Cecilia dela Vega helped reunite their families.

When Theo first came to Darwin almost 20 years ago, Antonios remained in Greece and established a successful construction business there.  Theo has been trying to get his brother to Australia, particularly as Antonios is highly-skilled in his trade.

“Everyone told me this was impossible, but the best immigration consultants, Darwin Migration Agents Margie and Cecilia made it happen.  They have been excellent,” says Theo.  Antonios is now a Building Supervisor for formwork and concreting at Kalidonis Pty Ltd.

Having the right papers and choosing the right processes meant it was possible to secure a temporary visa for Antonios.  MCA is now working towards ganing permanent residency for him.  “It makes our work even more worthwhile, being in a position to reunite families,” says Margie and Cecilia.  “Many people give up on complex case.  We never give up.” 

This story appeared as a feature story at the ResideNT Magazine.