Angel Mae sheds tears of joy with Peter

When they met, Angel had to make sure Peter’s intentions were pure for her and her kids. Peter pursued her and he spent time teaching her kids how to be good boys looking after their mother. They learnt how to eat their vegetables and to mind their manners. When she decided to holiday with Peter in Australia, COVID-19 hit and they couldn’t go back home to her kids. She was sad but she came to love her fishing and the relaxed lifestyle in the Top End to fill the space. She also felt so welcomed by Peter’s family, friends and peers. This led her to spend many sleepless nights worrying about her visa after she decided that the life in Australia with Peter was something they both wanted to pursue. However, she felt out of her depth and was so glad that she found professional help and advice that she could rely on with Registered Migration Agents, Cecilia Dela Vega and Margie Dizon, of Migration Corporation of Australia.
Margie and Cecilia exclaim “We feel so honoured assisting Angel Mae and Peter stay together in Australia. Obtaining Angel Mae’s visa grant opens up so many opportunities for their union and keeping their families together. The adventure that lies ahead is endless now that they can both rely on Angel Mae securing her visa to stay in Australia. We couldn’t be happier with celebrating our work. We are passionate about what we do as our couples are as passionate with each other. It is a really humbling experience for all.”
Angel Mae and Peter were lost for words but her tears of joy says it all. Angel Mae says “Thank you, Miss Margie and Miss Cecilia for taking out my stress with the paperworks. I am so happy.”
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