Alson and Ronna’s Aussie dreams are now coming true

with their employer-sponsored visas granted, they can now live and work in Australia

Ronna and Alson are excited to receive the news from Migration Corporation of Australia’s Registered Migration Agents Cecilia Dela Vega and Margie Dizon

We are absolutely elated to share a remarkable update on Ronna and Alson’s migration journey – their employer-sponsored visas for Australia were successfully obtained yesterday! What makes it so special is that their story is not just about visas; it’s about initiative, commitment, and the value of respecting the process.

Alson took charge, demonstrating purposeful initiative by seeking the best pathway for their residency in Australia by consulting with Registered Migration Agent Margie Dizon. This proactive approach set the stage for their success and showcased Alson’s unwavering determination to carve out a new life Down Under.

However, it was also Ronna’s commitment as a Human Resource Adviser that stood out. Amidst many hopefuls, she won the favor of their Australian sponsor, a testament to her dedication and the exceptional value she brings to her profession.

The collaboration with Migration Corporation of Australia’s Registered Migration Agents, Margie Dizon and Cecilia Dela Vega, was pivotal. Alson and Ronna’s commitment to their life values not only secured them an interview but also ensured the success of their employer-sponsored visas.

The provision of documents to meet visa criteria played a crucial role. How they presented these documents wasn’t just a formality but a confirmation of their appreciation for and respect towards the process. It affirmed that Ronna and Alson are not only qualified professionals but also individuals who genuinely value the opportunities that lie ahead.

The manner in which they provided documents confirms they are the perfect candidates to work together as a husband and wife team. This attention to detail and respect for the process solidifies our belief that Ronna and Alson are well-suited for success in their new life in Australia.

As they step into this exciting chapter, we are thrilled for Ronna and Alson and look forward to witnessing the incredible experiences that await them in the Land Down Under. Here’s to new beginnings, extraordinary adventures, and the thriving success of a truly dynamic duo! Oh, and to Alson hoping he can catch and cook his own fish, mud crabs and oysters!  Cheers to the future and we look forward to seeing you in Australia!

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